Vintage Storefront Gets New Life; Rebirth of Chuck’s Vintage

Chuck’s Vintage, just like the vintage clothing it showcases, is being given a new life in a new location on Marquez Ave in Pacific Palisades, while maintaining its vintage charm and love for vintage clothing.

Chuck’s Vintage would like to share in the excitement as they lay each tile, and proudly display their logo on their new home. Hand painted logos on the brick to the left of the front doors, and on their trademark green awning, both greet you from the street. When you walk into Chuck’s Vintage, you will feel as if you stepped back in time, with nostalgic memories of Chuck’s history, coming to life in this new location. Seems no time had passed since they last opened their doors. Business as usual gradually resumes.

Keep up to date on the progress by visiting¬†, or through all social media channels. You can view previously recorded Instagram live updates and information from Madeline Cammarata, the owner of Chuck’s Vintage via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

“We look forward to opening for business, and welcoming your in for our grand opening!” – Madeline